The Project

PHASE 1 – Summer 2020

In August 2020, Wandsworth Council hosted free socially-distanced performances of Estimated Waiting Time for local residents in Shillington Park as part of their LOVE PARKS campaign. This was made possible by the invaluable support we received from the Love Parks’ team, and the generous financial contributions made to our Go Fund Me campaign.

PHASE 2 – Spring 2021

Funded by Arts Council England and Islington Borough Council’s Local Initiatives Fund, live and recorded versions of Estimated Waiting Time with accompanying well-being workshops were offered to secondary schools in Islington in March. This phase of the project was part of the Council’s 11 by 11 Pledge; a commitment to ensure all children and young people attending a school in Islington have 11 outstanding cultural experiences by Year 11.

PHASE 3 – Summer 2021

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, the Cripplegate Foundation and Windmill Hill Big local we are taking free-of-charge performances of Estimated Waiting Time to housing estates and parks across the United Kingdom throughout August and September.

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