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ESTIMATED WAITING TIME is a new play that explores our need for human connection and celebrates the bonds that can be formed in unlikely places.

Written by Hackney-based playwright Mark Lindow, the play is set in a housing estate playground where two local residents Alyssa (42) and Lewis (15) meet by chance one evening while both looking for a place to escape their home lives. Isolated and lonely, the pair find a commonality, forming an unlikely friendship through their shared frustration with family, the systems failing them, and a love of storytelling. They go on to share their mutual difficulties with families and school, their dreams and aspirations, and the things that hold them back, helping each other see a positive future.

Exploring themes of loneliness, lack of NHS funding and delayed waiting times, difficulties within the educational system, and the pressures facing carers and young people, Estimated Waiting Time reaches out to those who have limited opportunity to experience socially relevant live theatre.

The play shows that hope and possibility can be found even in the most difficult circumstances, and that connections can be made across ages, genders and ethnicities. This message is crucial in building a sense of community, particularly while living with the effects of the pandemic.

Great performances in the play Estimated Waiting Time performed in Shillington Park and written by Mark Lindow. This inspiring story of two broken people, different generations from different racial backgrounds connecting and inspiring each other to reach their potential. I believe this is the essence of real #friendship #friends, when you inspire each other to be better people” Karine Alexander

Really enjoyed the performance in Shillington Park. Thanks so much for putting on an awesome show and good luck with the hopeful future tour!” Tara Hill



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